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What Are the Benefits of an Outsourced Help Desk?

Nearly every major company uses outsourced help desks and has for decades. Are they crazy, or on to something? While there are a few setbacks involved for both businesses and end-users, the benefits strongly outweigh the sacrifices. Let’s look at a few reasons outsourced help desks are often better than trying to handle everything in-house. Most of these apply to both internal and consumer help desks.

Outsourced Help Desks Generate Savings

The most immediate result of a company switching to outsourced help desks is that it reduces overhead. With a help desk, there’s no need to employ multiple, full-time help specialists. The chances of a small, in-house help desk taking calls all day are very low, especially if their department exists strictly to help employees, not clients. Every minute of downtime is money wasted.

Outsourced help desks work with a variety of companies at one time. When they aren’t helping your clients or employees, they are busy with someone else’s. This introduces savings for businesses of nearly every size. The larger the company, the greater the potential is for increased savings.

Outsourcing Increases Productivity

Unless your company resembles a help desk in any way, then you’re in business to offer products and services. Providing assistance to end-users is a derivative of being in business. It earns you loyalty or cures frustrations, but generally not money. Therefore, the less time your high-skilled employees spend helping others solve problems, the more time they have to generate revenue.

Depending on the industry of your company, your work could also experience seasonal fluxes. Instead of having to ramp up your phone support team or have excessive wait times for clients or employees, outsourced help desks can cater to your company’s seasonal needs.

Outsourcing Ensures Processes Are Updated

Outsourced help desks specialize in providing support. Many handle a variety of industries, so the knowledge and skills each juggle are vast. As a result, continuous training is a must.

Training goes beyond just being able to help callers with problems; it also includes customer service best practices. The benefits of excellent customer service are immeasurable. Your company’s revenue and reputation depend on it.

A Managed Service Provider Can Help

Most businesses that provide help desk services are designed to handle either internal or consumer problems, not both. One form of outsourced help desk any business can benefit from internally involves IT. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) exist in part to ensure companies’ employees can get the technological support they need promptly.

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