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The Millennium Falcon Really Could Have Used Some IT Solutions

The Millennium Falcon in Star Wars was the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, and although it managed to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs it was often a combination of good luck and Chewbacca’s mechanical skills along the way that kept the ship going.
You might be wondering what in the world this has to do with IT solutions, but the Millennium Falcon, itself designed on the basis of a half a hamburger and olive being eaten by George Lucas (true story) could easily be the setup in many companies. While office networks may manage to get the job done they often do so by the skins of their teeth, but unlike science fiction when something goes wrong there isn’t always a magical way to recover.
Your network may not come under attack by an Empire raid on a Rebel base but there are plenty of bad guys out there who are looking to attack your network.
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The Millennium Falcon desperately lacked for maintenance as Hans Solo fled from one star system to the other shuttling passengers and smuggled goods. What the ship desperately needed was specialized support and ongoing maintenance to make sure it was flying at its best and wasn’t about to break down in the unforgiving depths of space.
Qsource technology consultants provide that service in being able to deliver a comprehensive, simple to deploy and cost-effective IT support program, because although it makes for dramatic moments in Star Wars, breakdowns and maintenance issues can be avoided.
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The Millennium Falcon was equipped with quad laser cannons to provide basic capabilities along with a deflector shield to provide it with a certain level of defense but its biggest advantage was its ability to out-run Empire ships using its Hyperdrive, which it used to flee any battle. What the ship desperately needed though were strong weapons to ward off attacks.
While a computer network can’t run from an attack like the Millennium Falcon can but it certainly can be prepared for an attack by deploying improved defensive tools. Whether your network is under attack from within, or a natural disaster on the outside, Qsource can help you improve your defensive IT weaponry before you’re attacked by the likes of Darth Vader, or even worse.
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Fight the Empire with Qsource
While it would be cool to have your own Wookie on hand to fix every problem, in an emerging landscape that sees ever changing technology and threats to corporate networks that’s not possible. Qsource has a team of specialists that can boost your defenses by making sure that your security systems are working, and can advise you on how you can use new technologies to save your business time and money.
Don’t be a victim of the Empire. Give us a call to discuss your IT needs, because in 2017 there is a new hope.