undead walkers in a field headed toward a city at dusk

If Only They Had Technology Consultants on “The Walking Dead”

You may think your office is safe from the undead, but it’s not. You don’t think so? The undead are all the unnecessary work you must deal with before the real work starts. How about those emails that get copied to everyone about the thing that isn’t working? What about downtime? Tell me that’s not a “walker” in your world.

But out there, among the undead, is one real live bit of work. It’s keeping a low profile.

Qsource’s technology consultants have all the right tools, and they’re not squeamish about using them — which is just what Rick and his group need.


Those walkers at the fence, piling up against each other —  they’re putting your entire business at risk. Spam, cyberattacks, and data theft are just a few of the herds which can pass by your office each day. Qsource technology consultants can make sure your firewall is right for the needs of your business; they can make sure it blazes while — at the same time — following all the right data protection rules.

Encryption, when it’s done right, means you can smuggle in supplies under the noses of the undead, without slowing your network response times. Then, there’s the drone — the specialist knowledge that technology consultants bring with them is like a drone which enables them to survey the area and know what’s coming. It’s their job to anticipate the technologies of the future – both regarding defense and also productivity.


Every community — from the prison, to the Alexandria Safe Zone, to The Kingdom — they all need supplies. When supply lines go down, any company is in trouble. Technology consultants know how to access the kind of network supplies, operating on the latest fiber-optic technology that gives your business a speed and reliability that other besieged groups can only dream of.

Not only can this keep everyone on the inside healthy, but it also allows for excellent social media outreach, giving your business the profile that attracts new business, helps to recruit the best talent, and publicize your new initiatives and successes far and wide.

Weapons & Disaster Recovery

With supercharged efficiency and a disaster recovery plan in place, any company is well prepared for an attack. Whether it’s a fire inside the walls, or a natural disaster on the outside, with the right systems put in place by a technology consultant, your business carries on as if nothing ever happened.

Whether you’re a small business with a handful of employees, or a medium-sized enterprise, anything that gives you a chance to do what you do even better can make all the difference to whether or not your company stagnates, or takes off.

Face the Walkers with Qsource

Qsource technology consultants can simplify the everyday maintenance of your systems, such as making sure that security and backup are working, and spotting ways in which new technology can save your business time and money. That leaves you free to get on with nurturing innovation, growing what you have and expanding into new markets. You can hunt new business without worrying that walkers will claw you down when Qsource has your back.

It’s about more than survival when the right systems are in place. Let’s band together and get you ready.