Infrastructure Management organization website

What Went Into our Infrastructure Management Organization Website

Building a website isn’t an easy task these days. No, we don’t mean the coding and maintenance. We mean – there are so many websites out there nowadays. If your website isn’t just as modern, as relatable, as connecting, as professional as the others out there – you’ll only end up with the dreaded high bounce rate. (For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it simply means a web visitor quickly becoming bored with your website and surfing somewhere else.)

Of course, we didn’t want that. We wanted a site you’d enjoy visiting that was informative, while at the same time modern, relating, connecting and professional – while explain exactly what it is an Infrastructure Management Organization – or IMO – does. That’s not asking too much, is it? Well, we think we got it. Here’s what we did.

Infrastructure Management is Not Your Everyday IT Support Team.

A traditional IT support team tends to be reactive, meaning they fix things as they break. When something goes wrong, you call them and ask them to fix it. Usually, that entails them leaving their office, getting in their vehicle and driving over to your office. Only when they arrive, discuss the problem with you, and finally begin to investigate the cause does the actual repair work begin. This usually results in extended downtimes, unproductive days, and frustrated clients. Yeah, that’s definitely not us.

Infrastructure Management is Not Even Your Everyday Managed Service Provider.

As outlined on our website, a traditional Managed Services Provider typically refuses to include everything in a flat-rate monthly bill, charging you extra fees with add-ons for additional projects and upgrades, which effectively prevents you from accurately budgeting your monthly IT costs. Often, when you have a special or unusual request, their answer is a resounding “no”.
And perhaps worst of all, you feel as though you have to keep close tabs on them in order for them to do the things you need them to do. Again – not us. Totally not us.

Here’s what Infrastructure Management Actually Is.

What we at Qsource actually do is work with you to make sure problems just don’t happen. We watch your network and see issues pop up before you do. Then, we handle them remotely. If an issue does happen to pop up on your end, we can remotely log into your workstation or server and handle it instantly. We charge a fixed, monthly fee for our services in exchange for a measurable return on your investment. That means we don’t charge extra fees for project work, moves, adds, and changes. It’s all-inclusive, allowing you to choose how you spend your IT dollars and making it easy to maintain in your budget. An Infrastructure Management Organization is a true partner in your success. That’s what we are. That’s who we are. And that’s what we want our website to say when you visit. We think we’ve succeeded. Do you agree?