How the Galactic Empire Could Have Benefitted From a Technology Consultant

How the Galactic Empire Could Have Benefitted From a Technology Consultant

The Galactic Empire from Star Wars is one of the most notorious and tyrannical ruling bodies in all of fiction. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its problems.

There were some major IT problems behind the Death Star, AT-ATs (all terrain armored transports) and Darth Vader’s expressionless mask. And in the end, these problems were a contributing factor to the Empire’s eventual collapse. Working with a technology consultant for even a few hours could have stopped the Rebels in their tracks. For the galaxy’s sake, it’s probably a good thing that the Imperials were absolutely terrible with network design.

So what were these problems? And what could a good technology consultant have done to fix them?

*Note: Spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to follow.

Passwords and Preferably Two-Factor Authentication Would Derail Every Rebel Plan.

Aside from the verification codes used by Imperial ships, the Empire never used anything resembling two-factor authentication when accessing its systems. This means that the moment a Rebel agent managed to get past a squad of hapless stormtroopers, they would have free reign of whichever system they managed to access.

One painfully obvious situation where this could have aided the Empire is during A New Hope. Think back to when Ben Kenobi managed to power down the Death Star’s tractor beam with the flick of a switch. In a world where lightspeed flight and energy rifles are commonplace, you’d think password protecting your battle station’s systems would be common sense. A technology consultant would be able to identify this problem in his or her sleep.

Encryption is Nonexistent.

Encryption may not have saved the Death Star (which had its own laundry list of IT snafus). But it at least would have made the Rebels’ job a lot harder. When the rebels raided Scarif in Rogue One, the only security they had to worry about was physical in nature.

A garrison of stormtroopers and a giant mechanical library is nothing to scoff at, of course. But the moment the Death Star plans were stolen, they were usable. The Empire didn’t bother encrypting its most important files, and the Rebels took advantage. It appears they didn’t learn from their mistake, either. Many Bothans may have died to steal the plans for the second Death Star two movies later, but the plans still weren’t encrypted. A technology consultant would prioritize the security of your precious data, and encryption is one of the first steps to take.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the Empire’s technological incompetence. The Death Star alone could warrant its own essay. If the rulers of the galaxy had spent an hour with a capable 21st century IT consultant, their reign of terror might still be going.

Thankfully our business isn’t a planet-exploding evil empire. And the rebel scum that want to harm your interests aren’t actually the good guys. If you’re interested in remedying your IT flaws and upgrading your technology to prepare yourself for tomorrow and beyond, get in touch with Qsource.