security risk assessment roadmap

Why Your Business Needs a Security Risk Assessment to be Safe

A security risk assessment is like a road map of your company’s information technology network, outlining all the places where detours and repairs may be required. You probably would not set out on a cross-country journey without checking the details on a map. Similarly, you shouldn’t trust that all is well with your network without conducting a security risk assessment.

When you plan ahead with a security risk assessment, you’ll experience fewer bumps in the road as you travel to greater business success.

What Does a Security Risk Assessment Cover?

A security risk assessment looks at all aspects of your network, from infrastructure to software and everything in between. It identifies what is working well, and what isn’t. It will show you the gaps in your protection and threats to your security. Without this roadmap, it’s hard to tell what needs work. Being unclear and unprepared could leave your business open to unwanted intrusions and other problems.

The Benefits of a Security Risk Assessment

By performing a security risk assessment, you’ll create a to-do list of security problems to fix and areas to improve. A security risk assessment does more than that, though. It shows you the extent of your issues. It may lead the way in planning solutions, and explain to non-IT professionals why and how the problems need attention.

Through completing a security risk assessment, you’ll be able to prioritize what needs attention on your network. This means that the lower risk issues can safely be set aside to deal with larger problems, knowing how it will impact your overall business security. It also lets you, and any other decision-makers, understand how much to spend on these repairs. You reduce the risk of overspending on a solution for a small problem, or low-balling something that needs extensive work.

This type of process can inform your budget and plans for coming months and years. It can enable businesses to work any significant expenses or projects into long-term strategies, which is a better use of resources. The right amount of effort and expenditures can be allocated to the appropriate network issues, which will benefit your company in terms of cost savings and productivity.

Call Qsource for Your Security Risk Assessment

Security risk assessments find problems before they become things that threaten the overall security and success of your company. These risk assessments allow you to be proactive instead of reactive, taking the time to make solid plans to address worst case scenarios instead of having to scramble to put out fires, most of which you could have anticipated.

After responding to a risk assessment, you’ll find that outages are less likely to take your business down. Your pre-emptive actions demonstrate your commitment to your clients, that you care about the security of their data, and that you value your ability to connect and communicate with them.

Overall, a security risk assessment gives your company a better chance at long-term security, productivity, and health. The work you put into an assessment is well worth the time you will save by having foresight on your side. Everyone within a company benefits from a secure and robust network. Talk with Qsource about scheduling your security risk assessment today.