A businessman transforming to a 3d wireframe because of his dedication to a network infrastructure design.

Your Business Depends on a Good Network Infrastructure Design

What makes you a good business owner? Perhaps it is how you embrace the ever changing ways that promise to make your company more profitable. If you can remain flexible, organizational, and retain excellent planning skills, then you are on your way to a great business venture. Organization and detailed attention to fundamental details of design are the first steps to reaching your goals. After every initial thought, there is the process of creation that breathes life into your ideas. Your business’s longevity depends on a good network infrastructure design and proper implementation.

Back to Basics with Network Infrastructure

A network infrastructure is an interconnected group of computer systems linked by the various parts of telecommunication architecture. This network infrastructure references the organization of different parts of individual networked computers. Routers, cables, and wireless access points can be connected together to build a flawless network system. 

  • Networking Hardware:

    • Routers
    • Switches
    • LAN cards
    • Wireless routers
    • Cables
  • Networking Software:

    • Network operations and management
    • Operating systems
    • Firewall
    • Network security applications
  • Network Services:

    • T-1 Line
    • DSL
    • Satellite
    • Wireless protocols
    • IP addressing

An example of the simplest form of network infrastructure can be of one or more computers, a network or an Internet connection, and a link between the computers and the network connection to tie the systems together. A business can not properly operate their office intranets if there is a faulty connection within the closed network infrastructure. The routers and switches determine what level of access individual computers are able to connect to networks, and affiliate the flow of traffic. As the individual computers send or receive data, the routers ensure it reaches the appropriate place.

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