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10 Ways NOT to Use Technology Consultants

Commonly sought after, technology consultants are the natural choice to install networks, update software, create a website, or build a database. They have a developed, strong knowledge and full access to IT resources that will ultimately help you reach your overall vision for your office’s IT support.

While these are great ways to utilize your technology consultants, after careful research and consideration, and for your convenience, we constructed a list of 10 ways we recommend against using technology consultants.

For an Insect Problem.

insectsIf your business is experience an overwhelming pest epidemic, it would be best to call the experts. No – not technology consultants – but the true pest control experts. Because, as in every field, there are certain guys who know exactly how to best handle their niche.

When Your Drains Clog.

pumblingLooking for a person to install and repair? Do your drains need that extra attention? An IT consultant should not be requested to handle outlandish repairs outside of their skill-set and prowess. If the drains are clogged, it might be time to call a plumber – whose job is to prevent or put an end to leaks of your own, personal “sensitive information.”

When Someone Steals Your Food in the Fridge.

fridgeDid someone just take something that wasn’t theirs? Has another co-worker stolen a meal they didn’t bring or prepare? Once again, this is not job for an IT consultant. However, here are 5 Totally Legal Ways To Get Revenge On A Coworker Who Steals Your Lunch. But you didn’t hear that from us.

If Susan Doesn’t Do Her Dishes.

dishesAre you fed up with your co-workers or employees not pulling their weight? Are you looking for the right solution to hold them accountable for such an easy task as doing their own dishes? How about reading How to Get Your Colleagues to Wash Their Dishes, and leave the technology consultants out of it. They can’t handle Susan any better than you can.

When You Need Coffee.

coffeesippingSome companies are searching for individuals who can fetch them a coffee, make copies, run errands, and perform for them any other simple and temporary tasks. While technology consultants do love a great cup of coffee, you should really allow them to focus on any immediate technical job at-hand, rather than requesting assistance with menial office tasks. Our suggestion is to look for a college intern. After all, everyone has to start from somewhere, and everyone deserves a chance to grow within the team.

Organizing Office Parties.

company partyCelebrating a holiday? We have a great article for you to reference! Our IT consultants won’t assist you in any way, shape, or form with the planning or execution of said party, but they’re eagerly awaiting their invite! 5 Creative Ideas For Throwing An Office Holiday Party People Will Love.


Cleaning the Office.

messy office
Technology consultants love decluttering the junk in your network, but they are not the best at decluttering your workspace. Don’t give them a hard time; it’s a tech-guy thing.


If You Have Ghosts.

ghostbustersWho you gonna call? Not tech guys!



To Predict the Future

fortunetellerUnfortunately, Professor Sybil Trelawney was not able to get a job with an IT consulting firm, but I am sure she is still attempting to locate the entrance to Hogwarts.


Handle Your HR Affairs

hrWe’ll just leave this right here: Problem Employees and How Human Resources Should Handle Them. Developing your mission and laying-out an overall timeline of tasks through a technology planning process will involve technology consultants.


Technology Consultants are, However, Here to Help With Any and All IT Situations.


If you are ready to talk technology or whatever problem you may have, we are here to talk.